Learn Korean: Verb + 걸(요)

You can express your opinion in several ways in Korean. Some are facts while others are mere assumptions. We use this pattern when saying something contrary to what the other person thinks or expects, although your statement is not entirely true either. This isn’t a question but you raise your tone.

Would you like to watch a movie?
사람이 많을 그냥 집에서 보자.
I think there are many people. Let’s just watch at home.

Let’s go watch B1A4’s concert.
표가  팔았을 .
The tickets have sold out, I guess.

Tell Junsang to come over.
( 시간에) 자고 있을 걸요.
He is probably sleeping at this time.

Greece is in Asia right?
아닐 .
I bet not. (I don't think so)

Do you think Mr. Choi is at home now.
계실 걸요.
I bet he is not home now.