Learn Korean: Verb + 면 다야?

The word  can be translated as everyone, everything, all, etc. When used with –() in question form, the speaker expresses his dissatisfaction over something and wants things to be done better. Depending on the context, it also suggests that the speaker is not convinced that something is all there is... that there are other things that matter.

미안하다고  다니?
Do you think it’s over if you say sorry?
(I want more than sorry)

얼굴만 예쁘 다니?
Do you think a pretty face is all there is?
(why don't you look at someone's character?)

돈이 많으 다야?
Do you think having a lot of money is enough?
(your preference to a guy is lame)

노래만 잘하 다예요?
Do you think a good voice will suffice?
(you’ve got to be good at dancing too)

키만  다인가요?
Do you think a tall height is everything?
(there are other traits or features that matter)