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Verb + 서 하는 말

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb +서하는말. First, you have to conjugate the verb into its 아/어/여 form and add 서. As you have probably learned, this verb-ending carries the meaning because. After that, we 하는말이아니다which means I am not saying this. When combined together, it means I am not saying because of that reason (which you probably think). It is used when you are saying something to someone that could potentially hurt them or cause misunderstanding or make them think that you are being unfair or biased. For instance, your little sibling got into a fight with his classmate and you came to stop them. After knowing the real story, you talked to his classmate and told him to apologize. Saying so might upset him or make him feel unfair because you are his classmate’s brother. It’s natural that you would take his side. So you would say that you are not telling him to apologize because the other kid is your bother, but because he is really at fault.
우리상형이아들이라서하는말이아니라진짜괜찮은놈이야. I am not sa…

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